Package administration in solaris 10

Administering Packages

    pkgadd        Installs software packages to the system

    pkgrm        Removes a package from the system

    pkginfo        Displays software package information

    pkgchk        Checks package installation state

    pkgtrans    Translates packages from one format to another

# more /var/sadm/install/contents    ==> to list all installed software                             packages

# pkginfo | more    ==> to display information about installed software                     packages

# pkginfo -l | more    ==> to view additional information

# pkginfo -l SUNWman    ==> to view information of a specific package

# pkginfo | wc -l    ==> to find how many packages are currently installed

To view information about packages that are located on the DVD

# pkginfo -d /cdrom/cdrom0/s0/Solaris_10/Product | more

# pkginfo -d /cdrom/cdrom0/Solaris_10/Product | more

Checking a Package Installation
The pkgchk command checks to determine if a package has been installed on the system. If the pkgchk command does not display a message, it indicates the package was installed successfully and that no changes have been made
to any files or directories in the package.

# pkgchk SUNWladm    ==> to check the contents & attributes of a                     currently installed package

# pkgchk -v SUNWladm    ==> to list the files contained in a software package

# pkgchk -p /etc/shadow    ==> to find if the contents & attributes of a file                     have changed since it was installed with its                     software package

# pkgchk -l -p /usr/bin/showrev    ==> to list information about selected files                         that make up a package

# pkgchk -l -P showrev    ==> to find if a particular file is installed & to                     find the directory in which it is located

If -p option is used, the full path must be typed to get information about the file. If -P option is used, a partial path name can be used.

Adding a Software Package from DVD

Example: To transfer the SUNWvts software package from CD-ROM & install it

# cd /cdrom/cdrom0/Solaris_10/ExtraValue/CoBundled/SunVTS_6.0/Packages

# pkgadd -d . SUNWvts

Adding Packages by Using a Spool Directory

The pkgadd command, by default, looks in the /var/spool/pkg directory for any packages specified on the command line.

The default directory for packages that have been spooled, but not installed is /var/spool/pkg.

To copy a package from the Solaris DVD into the /var/spool/pkg directory

# pkgadd -d /cdrom/cdrom0/s0/Solaris_10/Product -s spool SUNWauda

The -s option with the keyword spool copies the package into the /var/spool/pkg directory by default.

# ls -al /var/spool/pkg        ==> to verify if the package exists in the                         spool directory

# pkgadd SUNWauda        ==> to add the package from the spool area

# pkgrm -s spool SUNWauda    ==> to remove a package from the spool area

To use an alternative spooling directory

# pkgadd -d /cdrom/cdrom0/s0/Solaris_10/Product -s /export/pkg SUNWauda

# pkgrm -s /export/pkg SUNWauda        ==> to remove a package from the
                        spool directory

Removing a Software Package

Caution – Be cautious of the dependency warnings you receive when removing a package. The system allows you to remove these packages even though they may be required by a different package.

# pkgrm SUNWauda

File system (or Directory) format: Multiple files and directories.

A package (SUNWrsc) in file system format:

# ls -ld SUNWrsc

# cd SUNWrsc
# ls -l

Data stream format: Single file.
A package in data stream format:

# ls -l SUNWrsc.pkg

# file SUNWrsc.pkg

# head SUNWrsc.pkg

Translating Package Formats

To translate a package from file system format in /var/tmp to data stream format

# pkgtrans /var/tmp /tmp/SUNWrsc.pkg SUNWrsc

First argument is the directory where file system format package is stored. Second argument is the package data stream file.
Third argument is the package to translate.

If no package name is given a list of all packages in the directory is displayed

# pkgadd -d /tmp/SUNWrsc.pkg all    ==> to install packages in a data
                        stream format


To create a data streamed package

# cd /cdrom/cdrom0/s0/Solaris*

# pkgtrans -s Product /var/tmp/stream.pkg SUNWzlib SUNWftpr SUNWftpu

# file /var/tmp/stream.pkg

# head -5 /var/tmp/stream.pkg

# pkgadd -d /var/tmp/stream.pkg